~ Thank You – Santa Muerte May Love Community Ritual Service Report ~

Darkest Greetings and thank you for participating in this month’s Santisima Muerte Community Ritual Service!

I started with the preparation of the herbal baths on the day and hour of Venus which was prayed over and left upon her altar with offerings, once that was completed I moved onto the preparation of the Love Oil which was also placed upon her altar.

Next I took a Seal Of Venus for each participant and wrote the names and petition on the back then each petition was dressed with blessed oils, prayed over, and  along with the other items that were placed in the gris-gris bag which will be sewn shut towards the end of the month before they are sent out in the mail.

I next read the petitions of each of the participants to La Santisima Muerte as I lit the candle and I will be rotating the bags on her altar so that everyone’s bag gets its blessing from her since her altar can only hold but so many.

Fresh roses, apple, sweets, candies, tequila, coffee and bread were placed on her altar and more will be added until the end of the ritual towards the end of the month.

May you all find your heart’s desire, all the happiness the right individual can bring, and all the blessings La Santisima Muerte will unfold… May you continue to be blessed and follow your goals and ambitions whatever they may be in life to sweet success!

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