~ Saint Magick – Dr. Jose Gregorio Hernandez ~


Dr. Jose Gregorio Hernandez

FEAST DAY: June 29


LEGEND: Dr. Hernandez was a Venezuelan physician. The son of Benigno Hernandez Manzaneda and Josefa Antonia Cisneros Mansilla, he was born in the village of Isnotu, Trujillo, Venezuela on October 25, 1864. After obtaining his medical license in 1888, he travelled to France for further study in the fields of bacteriology, pathology, microbiology, and histology. Upon his return to Venzuela in 1891, he became Professor of Medicine at the Universidad Central de Venezuela and was a founding member of the Venezuelan National Academy of Medicine. A noted diagnostician and researcher, he published several scientific papers on medicine as well a book on philosophy. Among his medical discoveries was the fact that malaria, a common mosquito-borne blood disease, aggravates the development in later life of a heart disease symptom called angina pectoris.

A religious man, Dr. Hernandez was twice called to the priesthood and he travelled to Italy for religious training in 1908 and 1913, but each time his fragile health forced his return to secular life in Venezuela, where, as a “servant of God,” he treated the poor for free and even bought medications for them at his own expense. It was while on his way to deliver medicine to a patient’s home in Caracas, Venezuela, that he was struck and killed by a car on June 29, 1919. He was 54 years old.

After his death, his fame as a healer and as a spiritual assistant to doctors grew. His remains are venerated in the church of La Candelaria in Caracas, and both doctors and patients all around the world have testified to his intercessory powers, especially for those seeking a proper diagnosis and healing under a physician’s care.

PETITION DR. JOSE GREGORIO HERNANDEZ: for aid with medical studies, cure from illness and diseases, for success in operations

PATRONAGE: medical students, diagnosticians, doctors, and all patients requiring the help of physicians for healing.


O, my all-powerful Lord! You have brought your beloved servant Jose Gregorio to Your heart, to whom, with Your great mercy, You gave the power to heal the sick of this world. Give him now, Lord, as my Spiritual Physician, the grace to heal me, both in body and soul, and the power to guide the hands of the mortal doctors who are working on my behalf. I ask you this favor, Dear Lord, in the name of Your beloved Son who taught us to pray, “Our Father who art in Heaven…” Amen.

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