~ Saint Magick – Saint Alex/Alexis/San Alejo ~


Saint Alexis

FEAST DAY: July 17



LEGEND: Only son of a wealthy Christian Roman senator. Wanted to devote himself to God, but his parents arranged a marriage for him. On his wedding day his fiancee agreed to release him and let him follow his vocation. He fled his parent’s home disguised as a beggar, and lived near a church in Syria. A vision of Our Lady at the church pointed him out as exceptionally holy, calling him the “Man of God”. This drew attention to him, which caused him to return to Rome where he would not be known. He came as a beggar to his own home. His parents did not recognize him, but were kind to all the poor, and let him stay there. Alexis lived for seventeen years in a corner under the stairs, praying, and teaching catechism to small children. After his death, his family found a note on his body which told them who he was and how he had lived his life of penance from the day of his wedding until then, for the love of God.

PETITION SAINT ALEXIS: to keep your enemies away, for protection from the harm your enemies wish for you

PATRONAGE: Alexians; beggars; belt makers; nurses; pilgrims; travelers

REPRESENTATION: Dying man with a letter in his hand; man holding a ladder; man in a pilgrim’s habit holding a staff; man lying beneath a staircase; man lying on a mat

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