~It Is NOT Santa Muerte’s Veve, Sigil, Firma or anything else you want to call it!~

Mictecacihuatl Santa Muerte Veve

This is an image that has been floating around now for several years and has been popping up in many Santa Muerte forums and I felt it time to set the record straight on it because as a teacher I feel this is something that I wouldn’t allow my students to go on believing  just because so I know that by the time you get to the end of this post you will either walk away with a better understanding of it and appreciate the article, not really care and use it anyway or still try to find a justification for it and anything else that will be mentioned on this post today so ready HERE WE GO:

1) This image comes from a book written by Carlos Antonio de Bourbon Galdiano-Montenegro (not to be confused with Cuban-Spanish author Carlos Montenegro who died in 1981) of the American Candomble Church-Vititi Congo Bizango family line titled Palo Mayombe Spirit-Rituals-Spells The Dark Side of Santeria.  NOW on page 27 is where you will find a 19 line small blurb because that is all it really is about “An Initiation to Santisima Muerte” which he really doesn’t go into much detail about as it is where after a 7 day ceremony you receive her secretos in a large gold black and red ceramic pot. According to him this initiation ceremony which is similar to a Santeria Ocha ceremony comes from the Vera Cruz region of Mexico. ( If anyone from the Vera Cruz region of Mexico is reading this can either confirm or debunk this please let me know) BTW page 26 is a another small blurb on “Initiation to the Espiritu Intranquillo” or Intranquil Spirit.  For those of you not familair with Los Espiritu Intranquillo I will get to it shortly.

Soooo NOW let’s take a closer look at the above paragraph and point out all the red flags shall we:

A) It’s coming from a supposed Palo Mayombe book in which ANY TRUE PALERO/PALERA will tell you that there is NO SUCH INITIATION and is PURO INVENTO on this person’s part even if he is claiming that it’s from his Vititi Congo Bizango line of Candomble-Quimbanda that he claims he practices or is initiated into so IT IS NOT A FIRMA which is what the symbols used to represent the Nkisis is called. There is no Initiation to the 7 intranquil spirits either nor are they associated with Palo Mayombe. Oh yeah the intranquil spirits are known as a group of spirits in purgatory that is mostly called upon by women to mentaly torture and ex to come back to them.  HOWEVER what they fail to realize is that once the guy is back the spirit departs and after a while the guy leaves again so it’s a yo-yo effect until either the guy goes insane or the girl gives up.

B) La Santisima Muerte IS NOT PART OF ANY AFRO-CARRIBEAN or AFRO-BRAZILLIAN Tradition because she is A FOLK SAINT-DEATH CULT OUT OF MEXICO!!  Some people might not like the use of the term “DEATH CULT” but if you have done any actual research on Aztec Mythology and by actual research I mean going to the library and researching through books not “Googling it” view her as Mictēcacihuātl the lady of death then you will come to realize that the Aztecs and other Central American cultures have maintained a certain reverence towards death which can be seen and felt especially around Halloween cause let’s face it there is just something about decorating your house, dressing up and having parties that really puts us in a mindset that no other holiday throughout the year does.

C) La Santisima Muerte IS NOT ASSOCIATED IN ANY WAY, SHAPE OR FORM WITH THE ORISA OYA NOR THE NKISI CENTELLA NDOKI!  Oya is not associated with cemeteries or death because in Traditional Ifa Orisa there are NO cemeteries nor graveyards, SHE IS AN ORISA OF THE MARKETPLACE.  THE DEAD are buried under the house! IKU is the orisa that brings what is called transition, elevation at the time of a funeral comes from eleku Ayele Eruku and oro so we can take that one and toss it in the trash bin as well.  Also graveyards are ajoined with a church and cemeteries are not.

D) La Santisima Muerte IS NOT ASSOCIATED IN ANY WAY, SHAPE OR FORM WITH THE Lwas-Loas of Traditional Vodou of Benin,  Haitian Vodou nor Dominican Vodou THEREFORE it’s not a VEVE.  VEVES are used STRICTLY in Haitian and Dominican Vodou so to call it such is incorrect.

And finally TAKE A GOOD HARD LOOK AT IT, it’s a pineapple that has had an arrow shot through it with two crosses stabbed on either side of it and a swirl added to make it look like a coffee mug.  SOMEONE TOOK A SHOT AT SPONGEBOB’s house in a drive-by so it’s looking like bikini-bottom is no longer a safe place to live and raise your kids folks!!


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