~ Saint Magick – Our Lady of Relga ~


Our lady of Regla

FEAST DAY: September 7



LEGEND: The Virgin of Regla is actually named for a seaport in Spain, the city of Regla, Spain. There is an image of the Virgin Mary there known as the Virgen de Regla. Another city was founded on the same bay as the City of Havana, Cuba, and it was named Regla, and so the patron of this city was also the same Virgen de Regla.

Later on, the slaves in Cuba who were followers of the Yourba religion of Nigeria adopted the Virgin of Regla as the surrogate for the African Orisha Yemaya. It may be that the original Virgen de Regla actually was, originally, an African Orisha who had been adopted into Christianity by way of Catholic syncretism, and then, ironically, she was transformed back into an African Orisha by way of the syncretism of Cuban Santeria.

For several centuries, Our Lady of Regla was venerated under several names: La Virgen de la Regla, Virgen Libica, Virgen del Sagrario, Estrella de los Mares and La Virgen Morena (The Black Madonna of Santeria), or Morenita.  In English she is known as Our Lady Of The Rule

PETITION OUR LADY OF REGLA: for protection of young children, health, money problems, fertility.

PATRONAGE: Havana Bay; Regla, Cuba; Regla, Spain; sailors; rafters; fishermen


O Mary, Virgin of the rule, from your chosen shrine in Opon you pour upon all the blessings from God. Grant that as we invoke You we may alwats experience your powerful protection; so that guided by your light, You who are the shining lighthouse in the ocean of God’s mercy, and inspired by your life- the rule and norm of ours – we may reach the port of salvation, Jesus Christ, Our Lord, Amen.


Daily Prayer

Our Soveriegn Queen and Mistress, Our Lady of the Rule, trusting in your motherly love for me, I humbly kneel before you, the fount of goodness and mercy, to seek your powerful intercession. Your sin Jesus has made you the mother of all mankind and unworthy as I am, you have adopted me as your child. You have become my advocate and protector against all ills and miseries; design not to ignore the affliction that presently torments my soul, and which impels me to implore your pity. Show yourself a tender mother, change this ungrateful heart of mine and make me a worthy child. having been purified from my sins, may I recieve the special grace that I ask through the veneration of the miraculous image of the rule. Refuse not my petition. All things are possible for you. and your loving generostity compels you to aid and protect those who take refuge under the mantle of your motherly kindness. I promise to be a humble and grateful child and to walk along the path of perfection, following the steps of your divine son, that with you, I may rejoice in his presence in the everlasting glory of heaven. Amen

First Day
Our Lady of the Rule, Mother of Divine Graces and source of our happiness, I beg for your powerful intercession. You are the treasurer of divine grace. The Most High has made you dispenser of all His power in heaven and on earth. The numerous miracles that have been performed by God on your behalf prove that you are the remedy for all our ills and comfort in our sorrows. At this hour I beg of your goodness; obtain for me the source of all graces, the grace I now seek.

(Pause and mention your petitions) And may I live and die worthy of enjoying the happiness of heaven with you. Amen.
Nuestra Señora dela Regla, pray for us.

Second Day
Our Lady of Rule, Comfort of all mortals, I come to you in my afflictions. I humbly prostrate before your Holy Image. I acknowledge my failures and my nothingness. Never
abandon my petition unanswered. In these moments of trials which God has designed to enlighten my blind and obstinate heart, I come to you and tell you my present needs. You are the remedy of all ills, of all misfortune and miseries, the door to heaven. Console me, Holy Virgin. Dry the tears that embitter my existence and grant me the grace I beg of you and obtain for me the glory of heaven.
(Pause and mention your petitions) Amen.
Nuestra Señora dela Regla, pray for us.

Third Day
Our Lady of the Rule, you are called the Consolations of the Sick! Sick in body and soul, I cannot find any remedy outside of you and your miraculous Image of the Rule, which has given health to so many unfortunates. Having eaten the forbidden fruit, the first mother, Eve, brought upon us all kinds of miseries and ills that we suffer; but you, the second Eve, have given us another Precious fruit, the divine Infant Jesus. I beg of you today, for, with you before Him I am confident that I shall obtain his favour. (Pause and mention your petitions) Our Lady of Rule, obtain for me the health of my body
that I may sing your divine praises in heaven. Amen.
Nuestra Señora dela Regla, pray for us.

Fourth Day
Our Lady of Rule, whom God has made the Refuge of Sinners, in you I place all my hope. Throughout life I am surrounded by misfortunes and privations that keep me in continuous unrest but God gave you dear Lady who has been merciful and kind, ever ready to keep me from evil and to gather all unfortunates under your loving mantle. Enrich my soul with your grace and give me back the spiritual riches that I have lost. Obtain for me the grace I ask of you today. (Pause and mention your petitions) Amen.
Nuestra Señora dela Regla, pray for us.

Fifth Day
O loving and motherly Lady of the Rule whom God has made the dispenser of all Graces. You have in your power the riches of glory and the treasures if Goodness and you wait for our smallest wish to bestow them on us. I humbly kneel before your feet imploring your help in this need. Assist me in my affliction. Give me your grace. Deliver my soul from all evil and grant me the favour I ask of you today. (Pause and mention your petitions) Amen.
Nuestra Señora dela Regla, pray for us

Sixth Day
Our Lady of the Rule, Refuge of Sinners. Before your Holy Image of the Rule, I humbly beg for your mercy and protection. You are solicitous for the temporal needs of
your children and you cannot be less anxious for their spiritual afflictions. Please help my grieved soul and grant me your aid and protection. Help me now and at this hour
of my death, and grant me the favour I ask of you in this novena. Obtain for me the grace to live and die in your son’s friendship and to be happy in heaven with you.
(Pause and mention your petitions) Amen
Nuestra Señora dela Regla, pray for us

Seventh Day
Blessed Lady of the Rule, Mother of all Purity and Holiness, you, whom sin has never stained, must be grievously pained by a soul in sin. So, loving Lady, permit not my soul to love in sin and remain deaf to the call of the divine grace, free my heart from the chains that bind it to passions and vices, subdue all the desire of the flesh and with the favour I beg of your today to help me practice the virtue, purity of intention, a firm resolution to avoid sin, so that one day I may sing your glory with the angels for all eternity. (Pause and mention your petitions) Amen.
Nuestra Señora dela Regla, pray for us.

Eight Day
Glorious Lady of the Rule, Shining Star of the Sea, your name inspires in us the confidence to seek your protection. You are the bright Star of the sea and your light often leads the sinner safe from sure death. Be ever my guide and lead me to the harbour of heaven through your intercession.
(Pause and mention your petitions) Amen.
Nuestra Señora dela Regla, pray for us.

Ninth Day
Queenly Lady of the Rule, our loving Mother, shield us against the onslaught of the enemies. You never abandon Christians in the fight for salvation and with enumerable miracles you have shown your particular protection to those who implore you. Give
me your help. Crush the dragon under your feet and permit him not to bring confusion to the Holy Church. Obtain for me the graces and favors I beg of you in this
novena. (Pause and mention your petitions) That I may be able to perfectly fight with courage the battles for our Lord and one day be crowned in heaven. Amen.
Nuestra Señora dela Regla, pray for us.

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