~ Saint Magick – Saint Cipriano ~

Saint Cipriano



FEAST DAY: October 9

LEGEND: San Cipriano was originally a powerful magician, and he later became a Christian bishop and gave up the craft, and he supposedly burned his books of magic, some of which he had penned himself, having compiled spells and esoteric knowledge from diverse sources and having written it down in Greek so that others might also learn these things. Supposedly, a German monk named Jonas Sulferino was taught the contents of the books during a nocturnal visit by an infernal being in the year 1000, although it is more likely that the Latin Version of the texts which are attributed to his hand were translated from Arabic into either Latin or Spanish about that time, and smuggled out of Spain into Christian Europe.

PETITION TO SAINT CIPRIANO: for help when traveling, to protect from harm, from bad language, and from jails, for homeless people, protection from lighting, fires, earthquakes and thunder, from bad neighbors harassing you, liars and cheaters of the heart,

PATRONAGE: Magicians, practioners of ceremonial magic

REPRESENTAION: Bishop in white robe and purple cloak holds crozier and book


San Cipriano, I beseech you that those who are bound by hexes, bewitchings, and possessed of evil, that you unbind them, that you unbewitch them, so that the rabid wolf not have dominion over ___________ (name).

San Cipriano, I pray preserve me from all evil intents, arts, and perfidies of Lucifer; guard my vision and my thoughts; may they be full of confusion those who attempt against my life, may my enemies be confused and driven away, keep me triumphant of them eternally.

Thus may it be. Amen.

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