~ Saint Magick – Saint Louis Beltran ~

saint louis beltran



FEAST DAY: October 9

LEGEND: Relative of Saint Vincent Ferrer. Deeply religious from childhood. Joined the Dominicans in 1544 at age 18. Ordained in 1547 at age 21. Preacher. Master of novices for 30 years. Worked with plague victims in 1557. Friend of Saint Teresa of Avila, and helped her reform her order. Missionary to Central and South America, and to the Caribbean for seven years; he went expecting to be a martyr. Survived a poisoning attack by local shamans, and reported to have converted 15,000. Prophet and miracle worker. Ordered to return to Spain where he was assigned to train preachers.

PETITION SAINT LOUIS BELTRAN: for learning languages, protection from evil, accidents, sickness and harm from enemies, invoke to remove malochia from children


REPRESENTATION: chalice surmounted by a serpent; extinguishing a fire; holding a chalice occupied by a serpent; holding a cross.

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