~ The Seven Seals Of La Santisima Muerte ~

*This is an excerpt from my soon to be completed Santisima Muerte Correspondence Course.   I hope that I have done the translation from Spanish to English justice as I have yet to find any English Translations of these seals anywhere and some words don’t really have an English translation.*

The Seven Sacred Seals of La Santisima Muerte were the interpretation of a dream induced by our very much loved and adored Santisima Muerte, for the knowledge of all her faithful followers to expand the knowledge of these divine seals.

These seals correspond to La Santisima Muerte; through them it connects us with Divinity, Strength, and Virtue. These seals in addition to having the image of La Santisima Muerte also have very powerful signs and characters, to eliminate or attract certain types of energies.

The Seven Sacred Seals of La Santisima Muerteare described below, which will attract additional energies to the rituals, following certain rules:
1. The seals will complement any work or ritual, and should be used one at a time, they should NEVER be used two at the same time.

2. These stamps, if possible, it is better to draw them on parchment paper in the handwriting of the interested person, regardless of whether they know how to draw or not. The important thing is to place all the signs and image. Of course, this is done at the foot of the altar.

3. The stamps can be photo-copied; In this case, before using them, they must remain at least two days at the altar of Our Holy Death so that Saint Death consecrates them.

4. On the reverse side of the seal, requests with names and surnames will be placed as appropriate.

5. The seals must remain on her altar when doing any type of ritual or work and must be folded in four equal parts, taking special care that the writing is inside (that is not seen).

6. The seal must be burned in one of the candles, which at the time is on the altar, when the request made has been fulfilled.

7. Each of the seals has its attributes and amplifies the energies necessary to achieve the desired objective faster.

First Seal


Sello Contacto Con Difuntos


Purpose of the Seal:

To make specific requests with someone who has already departed from this life, you must write the full name of the deceased person, date of birth, date of death, and the request made to the person; All this should be written on the back of the seal with red ink.
You will then ask permission of La Santisima Muerte with the seal in the right hand folded in four equal parts and bringing the hand to the center of your chest say:

Mother dear and adored: Through this seal consecrated by you; I humbly beg you to give me your benevolence, so that I can get out of the doubts I have with (name of deceased) for they have left life accompanied by you, my majestic mother, to give an account to the creator; but here they have left us with these doubts, which I manifest in your divine seal.
So that you may give us permission to clear this doubt (s).
Thank you for your kindness and understanding, dear and adored Santa Muerte.


Second Seal


Sello Contra Hechizos

Purpose of the Seal:

This seal releases all kinds of spells of any kind of magic including santeria and voodoo.
The neutralizing power of this seal is very effective, when performing any ritual. To remove some kind of spell, we will ask La Santisima Muerte to pay immediate attention to the evil that afflicts us; making the request in writing on the back of the seal, being brief in the symptoms that afflict us.
Then you will respectfully request her intersection to eliminate the spell that is being used against you in a fulminating way, saying this prayer:

Santisima Muerte, I invoke you, so that you take away this spell that mitigates and weakens this your fervent follower.
You who see everything.
You who transcend for all time.
You who are kind You who have the power that God the Father has given you to end the pain.
Cut off this evil that they are doing to me, against the divine will of our creator God the Father; since my All-Powerful Father God only sows Love and not Pain.
That through the power that you my dear mother Santa Muerte have, you punish the evil and perverse beings that through tricks and aided by deserters of the kingdom of God the Father, who is infinitely all Love just like you.
My beloved nina bonita, my flaquita blanca, please help me, I put in this your sacred seal the evils that break me so that you can solve them.
Thanks mother dear and if I have failed I beg your forgiveness.

Third Seal


Sello De La Fortuna

Purpose of the Seal:

With the energies that this wonderful seal attracts, fortune can be found in all aspects; Because fortune is not only money, but you can also be lucky to have a family, wife or husband, children, or have the fortune of having and finding work, having the fortune of your loved ones living and also for having the fortune of having physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual health.
First, the specific request of the type of fortune that is being requested is to be written on the back of the seal in either purple or violet ink.  
Then the seal is folded in four equal parts, it is raised with the right hand towards the sky and the following prayer is said :

Possessor of unparalleled virtues, queen and mother of mine, Santisima Muerte.
I ask you with vehement faith, give me the fortune that I have written to you on your sacred seal.
With your infinite power of light and earth, oh heavenly being; My lady, Santisima Muerte.
I admire your kindness, your majesty and your equity towards all of us, your faithful followers, and I assume your will.
With infinite gratitude towards your decisions, whatever you mother of mine may well be awarded to me, so that this humble servant does not suffer from the fortune I ask of you and if so, mother of mine you decide.
I show you my gratitude daily, every day, every night, and I respect your decision without reproach.

Fourth Seal


Sello De La Justicia

Purpose of the Seal:

The virtue of this seal lies in amplifying the energies of just causes, releasing prisoners, etc. It balances the just from the unfair; therefore it is necessary to assimilate what is really fair for some people and for others that it is unfair, since justice cannot be requested if oneself is not fair in their daily actions. Justice is impartial to all devotees of the cult of La Santisima Muerte.
For this reason, it is necessary to become aware of what is really fair and not have the false belief that to place more offerings to La Santisima Muerte, we will become the possessor of the truth by asking for justice through the sacred seal. When you ask for justice with this seal, you will be putting yourself in divine hands of true justice and maybe just maybe, what you thought was unfair is really fair or otherwise what was believed fair is really unfair; consequently this seal must be used when you are really sure of being a victim of true injustice.
On the reverse side of the seal, the petition shall be placed in black ink, and folded into four equal parts; then saying the following prayer tilting your head:

Santisima Muerte, I put my case on your balance of truth.
So that you solve with your infinite wisdom what is really fair.
I ask you for proportions of eating to those who do not have, facilitate their freedom to the innocent.
Before your divine eyes I direct my prayers for the prompt solution of my request.
And I demand punishments, if you think it is convenient for liars, abusers, malicious people, who at all costs dare to make fun of your divine justice. Amen.

(Recite three Our Fathers)

Fifth Seal


Sello De La Sabiduria

Purpose of the Seal:

This powerful seal will help in extreme situations, in which really important decisions must be made, that from these the cunning, serenity, intelligence, delicacy, wisdom, and determination to achieve the goals set that will determine the present and future of our lives .
On the back of the seal, the call to have this gift will be written in black ink explaining the obstacle that is being presented and asking for the gift of wisdom to make the best choice.
Putting your hands in a position to perceive and receive the gift of wisdom without forgetting to fold the seal in four equal parts, the following prayer is said :

Infinitely powerful and majestic nina blanca I implore your presence, divinity of the creator.
Fill me with that wonderful gift that you possess too much, which is wisdom.
For you to induce me that great gift, and this most fervent follower, I can finally make the best decision; To get a better future.
Cover me with your infinitely divine mantle, in order to clarify my destiny.
In your sacred seal I write what I your son/daughter ask to improve my destiny; and give me the right ability to forge my destiny.
Thank you dear mother, for seeing me with your graceful kindness and affection, and I only tell you, that I put in your hands this my destiny.

(Recite an Our Father and two Hail Mary)

sixth Seal


Sello Del Amor

Use of the Seal:

The most beautiful feeling that mortals possess is Love. This sacred seal brings you sincere and true love to the full extent of the word Love: couple, love of children, love of parents, love of neighbor, love of self and towards other beings.
Certainly this seal is very powerful, which attracts extremely vigorous energies; and like the other seals it can be used, for good and for evil; You are the one who decides the path, remembering that the good endures and the bad sooner or later succumbs to reality to the truth.
The seal of Love can be used to bring down loneliness and find the love one desires and if the beloved and adored Santa Muerte welcomes the happiness of both, of course she will grant his request for love; otherwise, you must accept her divine decision, since she is wise and powerful, and she will surely attract love in one way or another always with her blessing.
The petition will be placed on the back of the seal with red ink, and folded in four equal parts, immediately the seal is brought with the right hand to the heart, saying the following prayer:

Loving Lady of night and day, I approach you with this melancholy of mine.
I implore you, my beloved Santa Muerte, that as you give us your love and goodness without limits, thank me with the request that with all my love I wish for me.
In your sacred seal I write my desires, since I cannot bear this sleeplessness.
Open the doors of your infinite tenderness, and grant me the joy and happiness you think I can achieve.
Thank you beloved Santa Muerte.

seventh Seal


Sello Del Poder

Power of the Seal:

The seal is extremely powerful, and helps in any type of ritual or work of any kind and brilliantly multiplies the energies that are being called; For this reason it is pertinent to clarify that one must be extremely cautious in the use of this seal and that it is oneself who decides if it is put to good use.
This is the only seal that can be used only once a year and it is recommended to use it the last of the year at 12 o’clock at night, thinking wisely what you are going to ask.
Like the other stamps, the desired request will be written on the back with green ink, then the stamp is folded into four equal parts; then the complete rosary will have to be prayed to the Blessed Death, and for the last six Fridays of the following months, the same rosary will be prayed to be graced with the petition.
(Remember that the seven rosaries should be complete and begin to pray exactly at 12 o’clock at night).

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