~ The 10 Mandamientos De La Santisima Muerte ~

*Hopefully once again I have done justice with regards to the translation because as I have stated in a previous post I have yet to find an English translation for these as I have only seen them in Spanish.*

From what I have learned from fellow devotees of La Santisima Muerte over the decades and read from La Bibila Sagrada De La Santisima Muerte there are 10 Mandamientos (Commandments) of La Santisima Muerte that one must read and take into consideration before one begins working with her in order to carry out the cult of the La Santisima Muerte well, it is necessary to carry out the 10 Mandamientos (commandments).

AND YES these rules may read similarly along the lines of the 10 Commandments of the Judeo-Christian faith and it various off-shoots but like any other faith out there in order for it thrive there has to be a firm solid foundation that one must stand upon otherwise you will find yourself forever running around in a maze with no real direction on how to get out.

It’s up to each individual to decide if these are indeed dictated by her to her followers just like her seven sacred seals or if these are just puro invento as they say.  None the less here they are posted for those interested:

The 10 Mandamientos of La Santisima Muerte

1. You will honor and venerate La Santa Muerte with all due respect.

2. You will not use the name of La Santa Muerte in vain.

3. You will adore La Santa Muerte on her feast says.

4. You will honor, respect, and help all your brothers in the cult.

5. You will not harm anyone in nor out of the cult.

6. You will not commit acts that harm our cult of adoration of La Santisima Muerte.

7. You will not abuse your knowledge and spiritual powers the Most Holy Death may grant you.

8. You will not tell false testimonies related to it.

9. You will not have thoughts that make you profit from it.

10. You will not desires the riches of others.

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