All my candles are hand poured 5.1″ X 1.9″ pillar candles which are perfect for 7 day and altar candles and are fully customizable to fit your needs.  I offer an exclusive line of candles that no one else carries and all candles are hand poured upon order and not massed produced so please allow for extra time when placing an order.  All the items that go into my specialty candles have been charged and blessed by the spirits with the symbols etched into them.  All my candles are priced at $13.00.  If there is a candle that you need and it’s not listed please feel free to contact me and we can discuss the creation of your candle.  I will also be starting on figure candles as soon as I can.


ADAM & EVE CANDLE: To draw love, increase sexual passion, keep a couple close

ALGIERS CANDLE: Burn to attract love and gambling luck

ALTAR CANDLE: An important offertory candle used with any ritual

ALL SPICE CANDLE: Burn to increase will power

ALL PURPOSE CANDLE: For gaining help of benificial forces and spirits. Burn at any ritual or alone.

ANGEL/ARCHANGEL CANDLE: Protects from evil spirits and overcomes hexes

ANIMA SOLA (LONELY SOUL)CANDLE: Light for those who have died of sinful means and are in purgetory. (Suicides, state executions for their crimes, Etc.)

AQUARIOUS CANDLE: (Jan. 20 – Feb. 18) Burned to increase personal powers of those under this sign

ARCHANGEL GABRIEL: God’s Messenger; patron of telecommunication workers, dream interpretation, and conception

ARCHANGEL MICHAEL: Defender of Heaven and Earth; patron of policemen, a powerful protector

ARIES CANDLE: (Mar. 21 – Apr. 19) Burned to increase personal powers of those under this sign

ATTRACTION CANDLE: To draw love, money, friends, or anything you desire and request


BABALU-AYE CANDLE: Burn as an offering to the Orisha Babalu-Aye

BANISHING CANDLE: To be rid of one unwanted

BAPHOMET CANDLE: Burned only when extreme conditions require all possible power for success of rituals

BAT’S BLOOD CANDLE: Use to cast evil spirits and to place a hex on someone you wish to get even with

BAT’S EYE CANDLE: Use to break a love affair and to hex any unfaithful mate or lover

BAT’S HEART CANDLE: Will cause tension and bad luck to any lover that has done you wrong

BEND OVER CANDLE: Makes bend to your will

BENEFICIAL CANDLE: For fortunate prophetic dreams

BETTER BUSINESS (LA HERRADURA PARA NEGOCIO)CANDLE: Stop Blockages to business, draw Customers

BEWITCHING CANDLE: For enthralling, beguiling, and ensorceling a lover.

BINGO CANDLE: Increase your chances of winning the big jackpot.

BLACK ARTS CANDLE: For Black Magick, hexings, crossings, to aid while raising spirits, performing sorcery, and making pacts.

BLACK CAT CANDLE: For gaining good luck with lotteries, dice, card games, races, and all forms of gambling.

BLACK CAT ON SKULL CANDLE: Very powerful for breaking curses, hexes and defeating bad luck

BLACK MALE OR FEMALE IMAGE CANDLE: Black image candles are used in rituals intended to bring harm to a foe.

BLACK HEXING CANDLE: For placing a powerful hex on someone

BLACK PROTECTION CANDLE: Used for extreme protection spells and magic

BLACK SKULL CANDLE: Black Skull Candles are used for very serious matters. They should be used with care and only when someone has intentionally caused you real suffering and pain.

BLACK WAX CANDLE: Use in any hexing ritual, repulsion, dark thoughts, sorrow, freedom from evil.

BLESSINGS CANDLE: To help those in need; for blessings received; to ease sorrow and pain; for remembrance.

BLUE WAX CANDLE: Used for peace, harmony, joy, kindly intentions, healing

BLOCK BUSTER CANDLE: Break spells and solve difficult problems.

BOSS FIX CANDLE: To get your boss on your side, to stop problems on the job, for promotions

BREAK-UP CANDLE: To drive a couple apart by causing them to quarrel and fight

BROWN MALE OR FEMALE IMAGE CANDLE: Brown image candles are used in rituals which seek to have lost items found or returned to their owner, or to restore qualities which have been weakened or destroyed.

BROWN WAX CANDLE: Used for court case spells, neutrality

BUSINESS CANDLE: Burn to attract customers

BUSINESS SUCCESS CANDLE: Burn to increase cash flow


CANCER CANDLE: (June 21 – Jul 23) Burned to increase personal powers of those under this sign.

CAPRICORN CANDLE: (Dec. 21 – Jan. 19) Burned to increase personal powers of those under this sign.

CAST OFF EVIL CANDLE: To rid yourself or those you love of bad habits and to break links to bad companions.

CAT’S BLOOD CANDLE: Used to break jinxes and hexes that have been placed upon you.

CAT’S EYE CANDLE: A very potent blend used to protect yourself against envious people

CAT’S HEART CANDLE: A very potent spell or hex breaker, used in uncrossing rituals

CHANGO MACHO CANDLE: For invocation to and praise of the Orisha Chango.

CHUPARROSE (HUMMINGBRID) CANDLE: Prayer to the Divine Hummingbird (a Native American deity) for an honest love relationship.

COILED SNAKE CANDLE: For powerful protection from all evil.

COME TO ME CANDLE: To draw the man or woman desire closer to you in love, sex, and passion.

COMMANDING CANDLE: For command and leadership power over persons and situations.

COMPELLING CANDLE: To compel another to make good on a promise

CONQUERING GLORY CANDLE: To gain power over anyone

CONTROLLING CANDLE: Gain authority over both enemies and loved ones.

COURT CASE CANDLE: Burn before and during court appearances to get justice and influence the court.

CRESCENT CANDLE: Very powerful in attracting good fortune and help.

CRISTO DE LOS MILAGROS:  Burn to solve difficult problems

CROSS OF CARAVACA (LA CRUS DE CARAVACA): Guard against misfortune, injury, and harm. Wishes Granted

CROSS WITH SNAKE CANDLE: One of the very strongest candles used to send a hex or a curse back to an enemy who is causing it.

CROSSING CANDLE: Used in enemy work or tricks to bring on crossed conditions. mess up an enemy, to create crossed conditions in their life.

CROWN OF SUCCESS CANDLE: Helps push aside those who hinder your rise upward to success and for desired results when taking tests, seeking a job, playing sports, etc.

CRUCIBLE OF COURAGE CANDLE: Overcoming fears, gain courage and prosperity.

CUT AND CLEAR CANDLE: To completely remove old influences and failed relationships from your life.

CURSE-BREAKER CANDLE: Burn to remove hexes placed upon you.


DAMNATION CANDLE: Utilized when cursing a wrong-doer to suffer in Hell for his or her crimes

DEVIL’S CANDLE: For hexes, crossings, witchcraft

DEVIL’S MASTER CANDLE: Gain power over those of the opposite sex you strongly desire.

DIVINE SAVIOR (GRAN PODER)CANDLE: Burn daily for numerous blessings

DIXIE LOVE CANDLE: A love-drawing candle for men or women.

DO AS I SAY CANDLE: Light before you interact with difficult to handle people.

DOMINATION CANDLE: Allows the user to gain complete control over other people.

DOUBLE XX CANDLE: Use to place strong hexes and crossings on your enemies

DOVE’S BLOOD CANDLE: For love, and to signify the sealing of a pact or promise.

DOVE’S EYE CANDLE: Burn to remove evil intention.

DOVE’S HEART CANDLE: Will calm restless souls and solve all problems of the heart

DR.GERGORIO HERNANDEZ: Patron of medical students is known for healing miracles

DRAGON’S BLOOD CANDLE: Burn at Midnight to defeats curses, hexes and crossed conditions

DRAW BACK CANDLE: To bring back a lost love or unfaithful mate

DRIVE AWAY CANDLE: To be rid of bad luck and enemies

D.U.M.E. DESTRUCTION (Destructora) CANDLE: Even the score with those that do you harm.


EASY LIFE CANDLE: Allows you to relax while others do your work

EASY TIMES CANDLE: Use for financial security and improve personal conditions

ELEVENTH DEGREE CANDLE: Burn prior to magickal rituals to help gain insight

ELLEGUA CANDLE: Burn as an offering to Ellegua of the Crossroads

EXODUS CANDLE: Makes those that harass you leave you alone and also dispels evil spirits.

EXORCISM CANDLE: Powerful formula for troublesome spirits obsession and possession of houses or people.


FAITH, HOPE and CHARITY (Fe, Esperanza & Caridad)CANDLE: Guard against misfortune, injury, and harm. Wishes Granted

FAST LUCK CANDLE: Burn for all manner of competitive things and to enhance your luck

FAST MONEY CANDLE: Burn to bring money to you quickly.

FEAR NOT WALK OVER EVIL CANDLE: Protection against messes that have been laid down for you.

FIERY COMMAND CANDLE: Forces all other people to do your every bidding without a second thought.

FIERY WALL OF PROTECTION CANDLE: Restrains anyone from placing an evil hex on you

FIRE OF LOVE CANDLE: To win love, increase desires.

FLAMING POWER CANDLE: For success in any endeavor and gain fearless confidence.

FLYING DEVIL CANDLE: A special Voodoo uncrossing blend used to overcome the power of a strong ouanga or hex

FOLLOW ME BOY CANDLE: Used to make a man follow one, emotionally, sexually, and in all ways.

FOUR LEAF CLOVER CANDLE: Burned for one hour each day for seven days it is extremely powerful in getting good luck

GAMBLER’S LUCK CANDLE: Burn to bring luck in gambling

GARLIC (AJO MACHO) CANDLE: Protection against enemies who work against your money or business

GEMINI CANDLE: (May 21 – Jun 21) Burned to increase personal powers of those under this sign.

GENITAL (MALE OR FEMALE) CANDLES: BLACK – Used to cross, tie down or destroy the sexual nature of another.  RED – Used to draw sex or strengthen sexual desire in another.

GET AWAY CANDLE: Send someone away from you and your family

GLOW OF ATTRACTION CANDLE: To attract money, good fortune, love, success.

GO AWAY CANDLE: To make unwanted persons leave you alone

GO AWAY EVIL CANDLE: Send Evil and Hexes out of your surroundings.

GOAT CANDLE: For success in hexing and invoking the help of the Master Voodoo Conjurer

GOOD LUCK CANDLE: A bright light for gambling luck, luck in love, and luck in business.

GREEN & BLACK (Double Action)CANDLE: For removing money-jinxes

GREEN CAT CANDLE: Used for attracting money.

GREEN SKULL CANDLE: Green Skull Candles are used when the petitioner wishes to separate a person from their money

GREEN WAX CANDLE: Used for money spells, gambling luck, business, steady work, good crops

GRIS-GRIS FAIBLE CANDLE: Burn to destroy an enemy’s power to harm you

GUARDIAN ANGEL (Angel de la Guarda) CANDLE: Light to draw your Angel protector.


HAITIAN GAMBLER CANDLE: Burn to banish a streak of even the worst luck.

HAITI JUNGLE CANDLE: Burn to avert hexes and to cast spells on others you dislike intensely.

HEALING CANDLE: Burn to speed healing

HEALING MIRACLE(Milagrosa para Salud) CANDLE: To bring comfort, healing, help, and rest to those who are sick.

HELPING HAND (LA MANO PODEROSA)CANDLE: Brings magical protection and benediction

HERMES CANDLE: Aids in developing concentration and creativity. Always use when preparing to meditate.

HI-ALTAR CANDLE: Used only with other candles to bring success to any ritual. It is a very important offertory candle when seeking aid of Voodoo Lwas.

HIGH CONQUERING CANDLE: A very powerful means of attracting wealth, prestige, love and health.

HIGH JOHN THE CONQUEROR CANDLE: Burn to attain goals and bring financial security.

HOLY CANDLE: A special candle used in Voodoo Rituals. Also can be used to feel closer to God.

HOLY TRINITY (Santisima Trinidad)CANDLE: Burn to encircle yourself with the power of the Holy Trinity

HORN OF PLENTY CANDLE: Burn to force a change of fortune. Overcomes poverty and brings much wealth and prestige to the practitioner.

HORSESHOE CANDLE: Said to be one of the most powerful candles for gaining money and good luck. Burned for thirty minutes each day until consumed

HOT FOOT CANDLE: Used when driving away enemies and moving them out.

HOUSE BLESSING CANDLE: To bless the home and the family; often used when moving to a new home.

HUMAN SKELETON CANDLE: For curing illnesses. Burned for one hour per day during daylight only.

I CAN, YOU CAN’T CANDLE: To keep your enemies from acheiving their goals against you

INDIAN SPIRIT GUIDE CANDLE: For veneration to Native American ancestors, burned for guidance and luck.

INFANT OF ATOCHA (Nino de Atocha)CANDLE: Helps those in prison, kidnapped, missing, or living under political terrorism.

INFANT OF PRAGUE (Nino Jesus de Prague)CANDLE: Light for those in surgery

INFLAMMATORY CONFUSION CANDLE: Increases confusion in cheating lovers and cause them to quarrel and fight

INTRANQUIL SPIRIT CANDLE: Used with a famous prayer to cause an ex-lover to suffer until he returns.

JERUSALEM CANDLE: Used to protect infants and small children

JESUS CHRIST THE KING CANDLE: Pray for mercy and restoration

JESUS MALVERDE CANDLE: Protection from enemies

JINX CANDLE: Said to help one person put a jinx on another.

JINX REMOVING CANDLE: Use this candle if you have been badly hexed

JOHN THE CONQUEROR CANDLE: Burn for anyone who has been badly hexed. Helps to eliminate all curses and evil spells.

JUPITER CANDLE: Burn for wealth, prosperity, help in legal matters and other Jupiterian influences

JUST JUDGE CANDLE: Burned in honor of the Orisha Olofi and court cases and to ward off Evil

JUSTICE OF HORUS CANDLE: Use the power of Horus to sway those in authority to you.

JURY WINNING CANDLE: Burn to help win a court case.

KEEP AWAY ENEMIES CANDLE: Burn to keep your enemies away from you

KING DAVID CANDLE: Use for Power & Influence

KING SOLOMON CANDLE: Brings forth wisdom and intuitiveness. Makes the user more psychic than before.

KING’S PERFUME CANDLE: Used by men. Attracts love from those of the opposite sex. Expect great changes when using this candle.

KISS ME NOW! CANDLE: For quick and easy sexual contacts, pleasure, and joy.


LADY LUCK CANDLE: Burn before gambling. Will assist you in winning with regularity.

LADY OF CHARITY (Caridad del Cobre)CANDLE: Patroness of Cuba

LADY OF GRACE CANDLE: Her aid is sought by those in need, especially for healing miracles.

LADY OF GUADALUPE (N. S. de Guadalupe)CANDLE: Patroness of Mexico. Light her green candle for financial issues and white to receive special blessings.

LADY OF FATIMA CANDLE: Light this candle when saying the rosary for your petitions. Use O.L. of Fatima for peace in the home.

LADY OF MOUNT CARMEL (Nuestra Senora Del Carmen)CANDLE: Patroness of Mothers. Pray to her for family matters especially those dealing with children. Good for child support issues and against home violence.

LADY OF PERPETUAL HELP CANDLE: Draw comfort, confidence, and assistance

LAVENDER LOVE CANDLE: For love, passion, and happiness with a person of the same sex.

LAW KEEP AWAY CANDLE: Burned by those who wish to conduct their business in private.

LEO CANDLE: (JUL.24 – AUG.22) Burned to increase personal powers of those under this sign.

LEPRECHAUN’S GOLD CANDLE: To help attract good luck

LIBRA CANDLE: (SEPT. 22 – OCT.21) Burned to increase personal powers of those under this sign.

LODESTONE CANDLE: For drawing whatever is needed in money or love; used with lodestone spells.

LOOK ME OVER CANDLE: Used in glamor spells to attract attention, particularly from men.

LOTTERY CANDLE: More luck when playing the lottery.

LOVE #20 CANDLE: Contains special love formula from New Orleans.

LOVE & SUCCESS CANDLE: Assists in locating happiness in marriage and great success in all things attempted.

LUCIFERIAN CANDLES: Specialy made candles with the seal of the requested spirit on them

LUCK AROUND BUSINESS CANDLE: Brings an increase in business and helps draws new customers.

LUCK CANDLE: To bring positive changes in ones life

LUCKY DOG CANDLE: An aid to gamblers.

LUCKY HAND CANDLE: Most powerful of all luck-bringing candles.

LUCKY INDIAN SPIRIT(Indio Poderoso)CANDLE: Dressed with Indian Spirit Guide oil and burned for guidance and luck.

LUCKY JOHN THE CONQUEROR CANDLE: One of Voodoo’s most popular candles burned for good fortune in love, gambling, money affairs.

LUCKY 7 CANDLE: Protects against being hexed or crossed by an unknown enemy

LUCKY 9 CANDLE: Brings good vibrations and luck in life

LUCKY MOJO CANDLE: For all kinds of luck in gambling, business, love, and sports


MAGNET CANDLE: For drawing good fortune

MAKE YOUR WISH CANDLE: Place your wishes or desires on parchment under this candle.

MARRIAGE BLESSINGS CANDLE: To attract a proposal of marriage, to bless a new marriage

MARS CANDLE: Burn for physical power, lust, magickal energy, and all Martian influences

MARIA DOLOROSA DE MONTE CALVARIO CANDLE: Sorrowful Mary, her heart pierced by swords, surrounded by heart effigies.

MARTHA DOMINADORA CANDLE: Used to dominate men, situations, inner problems also used to aid you in defeating your enemies

MASTER CANDLE: A popular conjure candle used in all love matters. Also brings luck and power

in all other things.

MASTER KEY CANDLE: To master situations, master others, and master secrets of the occult.

MERCURY CANDLE: Burn to draw Mercurial influences

MINOIAN CANDLE: Use as a very holy candle and to keep a lover faithful

MIRACULOUS VIRGIN (Maria Milagrosa)CANDLE: To draw abundance and protection from the Blessed Mother.

MONEY CANDLE: Use before conducting ritual to bring money into the home.

MONEY DRAWING CANDLE: To attract money through gambling luck and in business matters.

MONEY RELEASE CANDLE: Get Money back that is owed to you by an individual, company or the Government.

MONEY HOUSE BLESSING CANDLE: Combines Money Drawing and House Blessing for a prosperous, happy home.

MONEY STAY WITH ME CANDLE: To keep money around you in personal and business matters.

MONTSEURRAT CANDLE: To help pregnancies and help have healthy babies

MUMMY CANDLE: For strong powers and success.

MYSTIC RITES CANDLE: Aids in understanding mysteris beyond human comprehension.

MYSTIC RITUAL CANDLE: Used for protection against psychic bombardment


NECRONOMICON CANDLES: Specialy made candle with the seal of the particularly requested spirit put on the candle used in the rituals

NEPTUNE CANDLE: Burn to attract influences under this sign

NINE MYSTERIES CANDLE: Burn to gain secret knowledge or make someone speak the truth aloud.

NIRVANA CANDLE: A special Voodoo blend designed to heighten psychic, clairvoyant and meditation powers

NO HEX CANDLE: A mild hex breaker

OBATALA CANDLE: Burn as an offering to the Orisha Obatala

OCHOSI CANDLE: Burn as an offering to the great hunter Ochosi

OGGUN CANDLE: Burn as an offering to the Orisha Oggun

ORUNLA CANDLE: Burn as an offering to the Orisha Orunla

OCHUN CANDLE: Burn as an offering to the Orisha of Love Ochun

OYA CANDLE: Burn as an offering to the Guardian of the Cemetry Oya

ORANGE WAX CANDLE: Burn for change of plans, opening the way, prophetic dreams

OWL CANDLE: Believed to be one of the most powerful Voodoo candles for obtaining power over others.


PAY ME CANDLE: To settle old accounts and get money that is coming to you.

PEACE CANDLE: For a tranquil, peaceful life.

PEACE & PROTECTION CANDLE: To bring peace and protection to you.

PEACEFUL HOME CANDLE: For pleasant, peaceful family relationships in a happy home.

PENTATRUCK CANDLE: A New Orleans candle used for uncrossing and protection

PISCES CANDLE: (FEB. 19 – MAR.20) Burned to increase personal powers of those under this sign.

PINE WAX CANDLE: To gain good luck and affection

PINK MALE OR FEMALE IMAGE CANDLE: Pink image candles are used in rituals when seeking objectives such as attracting friendships or drawing affection from one’s family.

PINK WAX CANDLE: Used for attraction, romance, clean living

PLUTO CANDLE: Burn to bring about influences under this sign

POWER CANDLE: For obtaining command over others.

PRAYING HANDS CANDLE: Burn candle to heal a person who is sick.

PROSPERITY CANDLE: To obtain much good fortune.

PROSPERITY BETTER BUSINESS CANDLE: Burned at home, business place, or shop for more customers and steady income.

PSYCHIC VISION DREAM CANDLE: To induce second sight, aid meditation, and bring in beneficial dreams

PROTECTION CANDLE: Use to protect against all kinds of attack.

PROTECTION & LOVE CANDLE: Use for protection concerning love affairs

PROTECTION FROM ENEMIES CANDLE: No foe dares advance where this is burned.

PURPLE WAX CANDLE: Burn for mastery, power, ambition, control, command


QUEEN CANDLE: Use only by women, another procurer of passion, attracts both love and success.

QUEEN OF TIBET CANDLE: Used by those who want the most out of life

QUITTING CANDLE: Induces others to stop trying to place hexes on you


RADIANT HEALTH CANDLE: For curing illness, gaining good health.

RECONCILIATION CANDLE: To reunite those who have parted; for forgiveness and harmony.

RED & BLACK (DOUBLE ACTION)CANDLE: remove a love-jinxing spell

RED CAT CANDLE: Used for love objectives by burning them when the loved one is present.

RED MALE OR FEMALE IMAGE CANDLE: Red image candles are used in love rituals.

RED ROSE CANDLE: For gaining love.

RED SKULL CANDLE: Red Skull Candles are used in spells to cause love to die.

RED WAX CANDLE: Used for love spells,affection, passion, bodily vigour

RED WITCH CANDLE: To obtain love.

RETURN TO ME CANDLE: To bring back a lover who has walked out or left.

REVERSIBLE CANDLE: Sends back hexes and crossed conditions back to the enemy

REVELATION CANDLE: To gain spiritualistic and prophetic powers.

ROAD OPENER CANDLE: Burned when starting new projects to clear away enemy blockages and old messes.

ROMPE ZARAGUEY CANDLE: Use to cause relationships to break up

ROSE OF CRUCIFIXION CANDLE: A Rosicrucian candle for contemplation on the Mysteries of Jesus and Mary.

ROSEMARY CANDLE: For friendship ans stopping bad feelings.

ROSY CROSS CANDLE: Students should use this candle when studying to help them pass test.

RUE CANDLE: Burn this candle to protect yourself from hexes and curses as well as bring in money and prosperity.

RUN DEVIL RUN CANDLE: Send Satan and his minions packing

SACRED HEART OF JESUS (Sagrado Corazon)CANDLE: Bring a multitude of blessings

SAFE TRAVEL CANDLE: Burned by those at home for the safety of friends and family who are travelling.

SAGITTARIUS CANDLE: (NOV. 21 – DEC. 20) Burned to increase personal powers of those under this sign.

SAINT ALEX (Alejo)CANDLE: Pray for those imprisoned. Light his candle on Sunday and pray to him for protection.

SAINT ANNA CANDLE: Patron Saint of Cabinet Makers, Childless Women, Christian Mothers, Housewives, Miners, Mothers, and Women in Labor.

SAINT ANTHONY OF PADUA CANDLE: Saint of Miracles. Anthony is renown for returning lost articles and loved ones.

SAINT BARBARA CANDLE: Strengthens Faith and protects from Evil

SAINT CHRISTOPHER CANDLE: Patron of safe travel and Patron Saint of Havana Cuba

SAINT CLARA CANDLE: Used for clarity and understanding in any situation.

SAINT CYPRIAN CANDLE: St. Cyprian is the Patron of occultists and spiritual workers.

SAINT DYMPHNA CANDLE: Patroness of Mental Illness. Frequently used to overcome drug abuse and depression.

SAINT ELENA CANDLE: Saint Elena is known to return lost lovers to the petitioner.

SAINT ELIAS CANDLE: For release from imprisonment.

SAINT EXPEDITE CANDLE: St. Expedite brings luck in a hurry; light his candle on a Wednesday for quick results.

SAINT FRANCIS OF ASSISSI CANDLE: He is the Patron Saint of Animals, Catholic Action, Ecology, Italy and Merchants.

SAINT ISIDORE CANDLE: Patron of Agriculture and Business. Good for job, money and better business work.

SAINT JOHN THE BAPTIST CANDLE: For cleansing and purification.

SAINT JOSEPH WITH JESUS (San Jose) CANDLE: Use Saint Joseph for work and job issues or matters concerning the home including real estate transactions.

SAINT JUDE (San Judas Thadeo)CANDLE: Patron Saint of lost causes; Solve difficult problems.

SAINT LAZARUS CANDLE: Use Saint Lazarus for healing, infirmities and to open doors to new opportunity.

SAINT LUCY CANDLE: For insight, vision and to see things clearly. Pray to Saint Lucy when you are confused about a situation.

SAINT MARTHA CANDLE:Use Saint Martha when you want to command or compel a person. Also used for fierce protection.

SAINT MARTIN OF TOURS (San Martin Caballero)CANDLE: The Good Samaritan. Favorite saint of Gamblers. Said to bring luck and money.

SAINT MARTIN DE PORRES CANDLE: Patron of the Poor. Pray to St Martin for issues regarding health and when in desperate need of money.

SAINT MICHAEL (San Miguel) CANDLE: Slayer of demons. Michael the Archangel clears away hexes and conquers all dead or entities sorcerers may send your way. Fierce Protector.

SAINT MERCEDES CANDLE: Bring protection from the police and the law.

SAINT PETER CANDLE: Use for strength, mercy and forgiveness of sins

SAINT RAFAEL CANDLE: He is the Patron Saint of the Blind, Guardian Angels, Lovers, Nurses, Physicians, and Travelers.

SAINT RAMON CANDLE: Use for a peaceful home and love within the family

SAINT SANTIAGO CANDLE: Patron Saint of Soldiers, Pharmists and Spain.

SAINT TERESA CANDLE: She is the Patron Saint of Headaches and Spain.

SANTA MUERTE CANDLE: Specially prepared candles to do various types of workings with La Santisima Muerte or as an offering to her.

SATAN CANDLE: Red –  to cause someone to burn with lust and are used in spells of sexual domination. Black – to drive unwanted associates away or cause harm to an enemy. Green – to have the power to compel a debtor to repay money that is owed; they are also burned by folks who wish to have easy money without much labour.

SATAN BE GONE CANDLE: Use for breaking and defeating hexes, curses and crossings.

SATURN CANDLE: Burn to break negative habits & to create an aura of mystery around you.

SAVILA CANDLE: Bring good luck for money or love.

SCORPIO CANDLE: Burned to increase personal powers of those under this sign.

SECRET DESIRES OF MY HEART/MIND/BODY CANDLE: Three separate places to write the secret desires of your heart, mind, and body.

SEALS OF MOSES CANDLES: Specially prepared candle with a specific seal on the candle

SEALS OF SOLOMON CANDLE: Specially prepared candle with a specific seal on the candle

SEPARATION CONFUSION CANDLE: To create confusion and discord between two people and drive them apart.

SEVEN AFRICAN POWERS (Siete Potentias) CANDLE: Burn for magical protection and benedicion from the 7 African Powers.

SEVEN HOLY SPIRIT CANDLE: To gain help from spirits and Voodoo Gods.

SEVEN KNOB CANDLE: To make wishes depending on the color come true.

SHUT UP (TAPA BOCA) CANDLE: Stop gossip and slander. Get folks to mind their own business.

SNAKE CANDLE: Burned for protection from all evil.

SPARK OF SUSPICION CANDLE: To arouse envy, jealousy and cause discord.

SPELL BREAKER CANDLE: Burn this in hex breaking rituals.

SPIRITUALISTS CANDLE: To obtain great power for rituals.

STAR AND CRESCENT CANDLE: Usually used only by Voodoo priest and priestesses during rituals.

STAY AT HOME CANDLE: Forces a lover or a mate to stop being unfaithful.

STAY WITH ME CANDLE: To encourage fidelity, loyalty, and a long-term relationship without separations.

STEADY WORK CANDLE: To find a job, get a job, and keep a job; to avoid being laid off.

STOP GOSSIP CANDLE: To shut the mouths of back-biters and gossips in the family or on the job.

SUCCESS CANDLE: Assists in defeating all competition and overcoming all obstacles in the way of success.

SUN CANDLE: For healing, vitality, strength, promotions and all Solar influences

SWALLOW’S BLOOD CANDLE: Brings happiness and soothes the nerves of those who must travel.

SWALLOW’S EYE CANDLE: Use to ward off evil & to stop people from giving you the evil eye


TAURUS CANDLE: (APR. 20 – MAY 20) Burned to increase personal powers of those under this sign.

TEN SLIVERS CANDLE: Burn in order to attract good fortune in times of despair.

THREE JACKS AND A KING CANDLE: Use for success in court and good luck in all things.

TWENTY THIRD PSALM CANDLE: For protection from evil and removal of fear when combating evil

TWISTING BOUQUET CANDLE: Reverses the effect of any crossing.

UNCROSSING CANDLE: Burn to remove crossed conditions


VAN VAN CANDLE: For luck and power of all kinds.

VENUS CANDLE: Burn to attract love & friendships, promote beauty, and for other Venusian influences

VESTA CANDLE: Draws the forces of good to your Voodoo services. Drives out evil spirits.

VIRGIN OF ALTA GRACIA CANDLE: Patron Saint of the Dominican Republic

VIRGIN OF MERCY CANDLE: Pray to her for those held hostage

VIRGO CANDLE: Burned to increase personal powers of those under this sign.

VOODOO NIGHT CANDLE: For success in Voodoo Rituals


WEALTHY WAY CANDLE: To attract large amounts of money

WEED OF MISFORTUNE CANDLE: To overcome enemies, change luck, cause trouble and


WHITE & BLACK (Double Action)CANDLE: To return evil to the sender

WHITE HEX BREAKER CANDLE: For breaking hexes

WHITE MALE OR FEMALE IMAGE CANDLE: White image candles are used in rituals pertaining to purity, spirituality or attainment of goals.

WHITE ROSE CANDLE: To have peace of mind, eliminate troubles.

WHITE SKULL CANDLE: White Skull Candles are used for healing. Burn the white skull candle in the bedroom of the one who is sick.

WHITE WAX CANDLE: Spiritual blessings, purity, healing, rest

WITCH CANDLE: These candles are in the shape of a witch and are used in accordance with their color.

WITCHBANE CANDLE: Use to reverse all manner of evil

WORMWOOD CANDLE: To gain help of spirits of the dead


XX DOUBLE CROSS CANDLE: For very strong hexing or crossing write enemy’s name on candle with sharp point.


YELLOW WAX CANDLE: Devotion, prayer, money (gold), cheerfulness, attraction

YEMAYA CANDLE: Burn as an offering to the Sea Orisha Yemaya

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