Can you cast for free? 
Can I pay you when I see the results?
Ha ha ha yeah NO and NO.

Spell casting requires time, energy, commitment and above all SACRIFICE on behalf of the client and my time is valuable and NO WORKER will spend the energy, time nor their magickal supplies on your situation on the off beat chance that you will pay for the work when “you feel that the worker has come through” so sorry to disappoint but there is NO PAY AFTERWARDS.  The Spirits that any practitioner works with require that YOU show COMMITMENT and SACRIFICE to obtain your goal. 

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What kind of work would be best for my current situation which is (INSERT HERE)?

I always tell anyone that comes to me with this type of question to get a reading so that both you and the worker can together get to the root of the problem then decide the best course of action to take. 

The type of work that I practice involves putting spirits along side with my Santa Muerte to the task which is some pretty heavy and serious stuff, at other times it is just my Santisima Muerte who is very strong on her own.  It is also important to LISTEN to the words of the worker and their recommendations.  Once you have received your reading and you have all the information take a few days to mull it around in your head before making a decision to have work done instead of rushing into things.

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Do you guarantee results from your work?

I have never come across a genuine worker of ANY path that can 100% guarantee the outcome of the work.  Why? Because all spells and conjure work by their very nature are wholly unreliable since magick is all about manipulating untangible and tangible energies and as in the case of working with spirits no matter who you are, what kind of spirit you work with NOBODY has any control over those that dwell in that realm on top of the fact that situations and circumstances are always constantly changing so what wasn’t there before is there now.  Anyone that claims “instant results in the blink of an eye” is going to take your wallet for a ride and provide you with nothing.  

Now, with that being said, I have had many clients that are quite satisfied with the results of my work for them. I even have one client that keeps me on retainer like a lawyer. But YOU the client must also assist from your end in order to achieve your goal, just because you paid a worker to bring someone into your life doesn’t mean that you sit on the couch and expect them to show up at your door, get out there and mingle!!  Spirits WILL NOT reward those that are not willing to follow directions given with regards to the work or sacrifice for what they want.

Another important thing, once you have paid a worker for the work, DON’T become obsessed with looking around for results cause all you are doing is mentally hindering the process.  Just go about your daily life and put it out of your mind.

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How long does it take until I see results from your work? 

This will always depend on what the situation is and the players in it.  I always tell my clients to give it at least between 21 to 90 days which of course always brings out the following:

“OMG ALMOST THREE months??!! I have to wait THREE MONTHS??!!”

Yup, I am sorry but conjure just simply does not have that instant at the drop of a hat as soon as I light the candle Hollywood effect that everyone thinks it does.  NOW it does not mean that it won’t happen much sooner, but I won’t even consult with my Santisima Muerte until after at least 21 days to see how things are manifesting and I don’t even consider redoing the work until after 90 days has passed with no results.

Now, let’s say for example if the spell work affects only you – it can happen much, much quicker. I did work for a client on himself and since it was only him he saw results within 5 days. I also did work for another client who had a third party interfering in her marriage and within two weeks she had texted to inform me that her husband did a 180 on the third party and came back to the client and has remained faithful to her after that.

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How long will the work last once the results are achieved?

This all depends upon the type of work. Once the result is achieved it is UP TO YOU the client to keep it going on your end.  Had a love spell done? Well keep the romance going, keep the relationship exciting and be good to your partner otherwise they will just go somewhere else.  Just got employed? Be punctual, work hard and don’t slack off otherwise your back to square one.

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Other practitioners have done work for me but I have seen no results.

Well where you COMPLETELY honest with the worker?  Did you leave something out?  Did they do a consultation to see if your case was even worth taking on?  How long ago was this work done?  How many workers did you hire to do the same work over and over again? Are you aware that the biggest obstacle to all magickal workings is YOURSELF?!!

Some situations just have no outcome, it has run it’s course.   I had a case where a client had gone to every practitioner under the sun trying to get back an ex and nothing.  I took a look at the case, this poor guy has so much magick thrown at him that it was starting to effect him mentally, emotionally and physically and I strongly urged her to stop but because she was so blinded and super obsessed with getting him back that it just went over her head.

I took the case NOT to help her BUT TO HELP HIM by stripping him of all that mess and clearing his mind up so that he can make a clear and sound judgement.  Occasionally, like in the stated example of an actual case, a person is blocked with an enormous amount of negative energy, a crossed condition or a curse or is already being manipulated by another spell caster. This doesn’t make additional work impossible but it does have an effect and can draw out the process. 

What I find most often is that the spirits see something very different for our future. 

As I mentioned, much of what I deal with is through the my personal spirits and Santa Muerte. They will always see things that we have no way of knowing. They may have completely different plans for you and by bringing this no-good ex back into your life, it would seriously mess up what is truly just around the corner for you.

And no amount of magick will change this. No matter how much energy I magickally throw towards your desire will make it come true. They know what is best for you – long before you do. They are just waiting for you to see it too!

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Do you do readings?

Yes I do two forms of readings which you can read about on my Readings and Conjure Work Page. Once you have decided on what you would like use the contact form at the top of the page and a reading will be mailed out to you within 72 hours.

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Do you do phone consultations, Whatsapp, Skype or video chat? Can I Call You To Explain My Situation?

NO! I use to do consultations over Skype, Whatsapp or phone, I have had clients abuse this privilege by calling, texting and Skyping at all hours thinking they were entitled to do so therefore for the most part I do not take calls nor Skype and Whatsapp.   I am a home-based business with a little corner to prepare products for customers and do spell work for clients.  As a general rule, I do prefer to work through email so that I can sit down and be able to properly focus on your situation without having to rush my answers.  If we are on the phone or some other similar communication you will want an answer to your question right then and there and spirits do not answer at the drop of the hat.   

In addition, this means that I will not be interrupted throughout the day with ring tones, so I can focus on prepping for conjure work for clients, filling orders, scheduling readings, answering questions either from customers, my godchildren or from students taking one of the e-courses I offer, commissions I receive for my digital art work, BUT most importantly I also need to dedicate time to my children and my better half since like everyone else I do have a life outside of my business. I am quite sure you feel the same way about yours.  I am also prepping and writing courses that I can offer perspective students who wish to learn and become members of The Owl and The Scythe Coven-Tradition.

ALSO please be aware that workers are not glued to their computers, laptops and cell phones 24-7-365 so if we don’t reply to you right away we are not ignoring you but our days are pretty busy BUT we do respond back.

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How much do you charge?

Most of my prices are based upon the materials that the spirits require in order to complete the task. Some work might require that you send me personal items.  I try to keep my clients fairly well informed but always welcome any questions they may have before, during and after the working is complete.  There are mixed feelings about some practitioners having a set price for their works while others have a low-high scale with regards to their prices but every practitioner works differently. I personally try to keep mine at a set price because I feel that it’s more that plenty to cover the cost of the materials needed to get the job done but at times and that of course always depends on the circumstances of the client and their situation the price may change and the prices for my work are listed on my Readings and Conjure Work Page.

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Order Fulfillment/ Refunds 

All my products are hand made at the time that the order is placed, I do not mass produce so it will please allow 5-7 business days to get the product to you and at least one to two weeks on sales, promos as I fill orders in the order that I receive them.  ALL SALES ON PRODUCTS, SPELL CASTING SERVICES, READINGS AND CORRESPONDENCE COURSE PAYMENTS ARE FINAL WITH NO REFUND!!!  The only time a refund will be given is if PRODUCT IS LOST IN THE MAIL unless you choose to have me resend you the items in the mail again.  

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How can I contact you?

Well there are several ways you can reach me:

You can reach me through this site by using the various methods below:

You can email me directly using the contact box, private message me via Facebook Page  and on Instagram and the links to those accounts are located on the top right hand side of the website.

I try to respond within 24 hours, but occasionally, it may take me a bit longer so if it does please do not be upset or think I am ignoring you.

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